Styled for the Sea


The weather forecast beckons for a journey beyond the shipping lanes of leisure. Our meticulously curated selection of swimwear and voyage-inspired apparel is ready to elevate your next sailing adventure. Step aboard, Dandy – here’s the line we cast for the sea!

At rosy dawn,

before the first breeze stirs, wrap yourself in the all-encompassing comfort of our Tropez Robe in Burnt Sienna, crafted from ultra-soft terry. This piece transforms your first sip of coffee into a distinguished ritual. Paired with our Mallorca Swim-Walk Short, you just might find yourself diving in for an impromptu early morning dip.

As the day progresses

to high noon and the thrill of a full sail takes over, slip into our Marseille Set in Arbequina while enjoying a cocktail. This ensemble seamlessly transitions from the warmth of the sun to the cool afternoon breeze, keeping you composed throughout.

As nightfall approaches

and the sky is still awash with sunset hues, drift to port in the Sedona Brisa Trouser. Double down with the Kaena Mesh Tee, Annapolis theme, and make paella de mariscos the dish to remember.